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ICI Highlights

Russia classroom teacher group

ICI Partners with Siberian University

ICI's Brian Abery (center) and Renáta Tichá (to his right) are working with Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University in Siberia to improve inclusion of children with cognitive disabilities in schools.

Heidi Myhre greets the ADA bus in 2014

Impact Explores the ADA Promise

The latest Impact issue looks at how the Americans with Disabilities Act has made life better for individuals with intellectual, developmental, and other disabilities, and at the work still ahead to fulfill its promise.

Down syndrome girl with painted hand

ICI Marks Five Big Anniversaries

ICI marks five milestone anniversaries this year, a cumulative 125 years of commitment to changing the world; the anniversaries begin with the Institute itself, which celebrates its 30th year this fall.

Boy in a wheelchair taking a test

Interactive Brief Explores K-12 Data

Data Analytics #2, from ICI's National Center on Educational Outcomes, is an interactive, user-driven tool to explore data on how states publicly report assessment results for students with disabilities.

Photo of Pattee Hall exterior

About the Institute on Community Integration (ICI)

The Institute on Community Integration is a federally designated University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities. Through collaborative research, training, and information sharing, the Institute improves policies and practices to ensure that all children, youth, and adults with disabilities are valued by, and contribute to, their communities of choice.